Snow in the Northeast

As those in the Northeast continue to be bombarded with snowstorm after snowstorm, I offer to those unwelcoming this ultimate prize of winter that I would gladly take that weather if I could. Southwest Colorado is notorious for receiving an abundant supply of the white stuff.

That is not the case this here. Northern Colorado has been graciously smacked with one storm after another. Sadly our last storm dusted the higher elevation with an inch of snow (over a week ago) and nothing accumulated in the lower elevations which is at 7000 feet.

So while this may not be too reassuring to those living in the Northeast tired of the snow, if I could, I’d gladly be swimming in your snow right now. I long for the snow you are receiving. Winter without snow looks unhealthy on the land with brown patches exposed amongst the Ponderosa Pines. I find the mountains at their best when peaks are snow-capped. The snow cap is shrinking every day as I peer at the mountains’ silhouette in another crystal, clear blue sky.

It is almost shameful for me not to be able to boast about the amount of snow I shoveled in the year. Now I am forced to go to a gym to work on weights. My only hope is that the jet stream, or something, changes and brings snow back to my corner of the country. I think everybody would be happier. The Northeast may get a break from the snow, and I can brag about the our snowfall.

Hope is lingering. February and March are on the way – our snowiest months out of the year. Hopefully they don’t let me down like the rest of winter has done so far.

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